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What precisely is antivirus besides?

If you are confused by using any of the occasionally whimsical word desire, or concerned via the seriousness of the problems they describe; if you don’t understand that a computer virus is a form of malware, that a zombie laptop is part of a botnet, that being smished is type of like being phished but no longer pretty, then we've got just the thesaurus for you.

We’ve crafted a rogue’s glossary defining the terms that dot the cyber landscape. Ideally, you must make certain you understand every, but, more importantly, you need to be sure  a way to keep away from being the victim of any of those— whether an endemic or other malware, you can be in for a huge headache and every now and then a completely steeply-priced one too.

So, to get you started out in the maddening lexicon of pc mishaps, here’s a listing we anticipate to make bigger, not simplest with extra of the modern terminology, however with new phrases as they're delivered to the malware list.


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